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Frequently Asked Questions
Q:  What does it cost?

A: About the same as a traditional patio cover.  Considering the maintenance of wooden covers and the life span of canvas covers an OhmBrella system will begin to pay for itself in as little as 3 years.

Q:  What colors are available?

A: There are a huge selection of colors and textures available. Ask your sales representative for a color chart.

Q: What about sizes, are there standard sizes or size limitations?

A: Each and every OhmBrella system is custom designed to compliment your home. Whether you are covering a small balcony or a basketball court, OhmBrella systems can be configured to meet your dreams.

Q: Do I need electricity to power it?

A: No. OhmBrella systems are solar powered.

Q: What sort of maintenance is required?

A: OhmBrella systems are virtually maintenance free. Occasionally using mild soap and a garden hose is all that is needed to keep your OhmBrella system looking like new.

Q: I already have a patio cover. Can I use the frame from my existing patio cover?

A: Yes! Common wood designs often lend themselves to adaptation. To be sure contact an OhmBrella representative.

Q: Why should I consider an OhmBrella system as compared to a wooden cover or a canvas retractable?

A: OhmBrella systems unlike wooden and retractable canvas covers are impervious to mold and mildew. They will never rot or peel. OhmBrella systems are non- flammable and ideal for use in brush areas.  OhmBrella systems are fully adjustable, allowing you to choose the exact amount of sun or shade for your patio and your mood. Only an OhmBrella system can provide shade and ventilation simultaneously OhmBrella systems when fully closed provide shelter from the rain.